The NETedx is a team of simple, yet incredibly talented intellectuals and academicians, that still believe that the knowledge is the most critical asset that anyone can possess. We think that knowledge passed from one generation to another in it’s purest form, without any influence and selfish motives, becomes eternal. It is also essential for the upliftment of society and sustained growth for future generations.

One of the areas that we at NETedx embarked upon is to help future teachers or current teachers achieve the best in their careers by demonstrating mastery of their subject. We support teachers or wannabe teachers to succeed in National Eligibility Test (NET).

What we offer

  1. As of now, we offer exam preparation services for the UGC – NET First Paper, i.e., common exam irrespective of the primary subject. We also offer exam preparation services for the CSIR-NET, Section A, i.e., common first paper irrespective of the primary subject. Besides common exams, we prepare students for taking tests in all subjects in Commerce, Management, and Finance. We are gradually building a team that will eventually offer coaching and guidance on all other NET subjects. The exam taking techniques are taught to every exam taker, irrespective of their primary subject. You are welcome to get in touch with us for a consultation via phone, email address (both listed on this site), or by submitting your request at contact us.
  2. Besides NET, we also help teachers and students with their Research Work or any assistance they may need with their Ph.Ds. We also assist students in mastering any subject in management.
  3. We also teach and coach students for a Career in Banking. The coaching for a career in banking and preparation for a competitive test is offered for all subjects.

Note: The tutoring can be offered either online or in-person at our location. You may share your preference by submitting a form at contact us